The start of something new — FlakPhoto Digest.

The start of something new — FlakPhoto Digest.

We’re developing a new project, a weekly newsletter focused on photography + visual culture recommendations carefully curated from across the Web. You know, the good stuff that deserves a closer look. FlakPhoto Digest is currently in closed beta and will be available to the public later this year. You can request an invite by subscribing below.

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The Collection

The Flak Photo Collection is a digital archive of contemporary photography that is updated five times weekly. Submission Info »

Mona Kuhn, AD 6309 Mona Kuhn

AD 6309, 2013/2014 (winter)

Abelardo Morell, Camera Obscura: Early Morning View of the East Side of Midtown Manhattan Abelardo Morell

Camera Obscura: Early Morning View of the East Side of Midtown Manhattan, 2014

David Wolf, Oranges and Stones David Wolf

Oranges and Stones, 2012

Jesse Chehak, Near Big Water Jesse Chehak

Near Big Water, 2010

Rob Ball, Untitled Rob Ball

Untitled, 2014

Tom Griggs, Mariana Tom Griggs

Mariana, 2012

Andrea Modica, Wildwood, New Jersey Andrea Modica

Wildwood, New Jersey, 2012

David Hilliard, When Lips and Skin Remember David Hilliard

When Lips and Skin Remember, 2012

Emiliano Granado, Untitled Emiliano Granado

Untitled, 2009

Jillian Freyer, The Ritual Jillian Freyer

The Ritual, 2012

Allison V. Smith, Mill Street Allison V. Smith

Mill Street, 2013

Ian Van Coller, Salamina and Sara Ian Van Coller

Salamina and Sara, 2014

Ben Huff, Ice cave, Mendenhall Glacier Ben Huff

Ice cave, Mendenhall Glacier, 2012

Matt Eich, Sabrina and Punchin’ Matt Eich

Sabrina and Punchin', 2013

Chris Norris, Waubesa Chris Norris

Waubesa, 2010

Janelle Lynch, Walls 11 Janelle Lynch

Walls 11, 2011

Carl Gunhouse, McCafe, on the way to Indianapolis Carl Gunhouse

McCafe, on the way to Indianapolis, 2011

Brandon Thibodeaux, Christmas Tree Brandon Thibodeaux

Christmas Tree, 2012

John Edmonds, B. John Edmonds

B., 2013

Jon Feinstein, Liz, Sonia and Joe Jon Feinstein

Liz, Sonia and Joe, 2012

Palmer Davis, Wild Roses Palmer Davis

Wild Roses, 2011

Simon Crofts, At the Dacha Simon Crofts

At the Dacha, 2013

Joni Sternbach, Mike and Aermotor Joni Sternbach

Mike and Aermotor, 2013

Julia Gunther, Miss Lesbian 2012 - Getting Ready Julia Gunther

Miss Lesbian 2012 - Getting Ready, 2012

Susana Raab, Outside the Soup Kitchen, Ivy City Susana Raab

Outside the Soup Kitchen, Ivy City, 2011

Hyers + Mebane, Meat 7771-2006 Hyers + Mebane

Meat 7771-2006, 2006

Joshua Dudley Greer, Off Interstate 81, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Joshua Dudley Greer

Off Interstate 81, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, 2013

Jody Ake, Oregon power lines Jody Ake

Oregon power lines, 2006

Brian M. Cassidy and Melanie Shatzky, Woman with Curlers Brian M. Cassidy and Melanie Shatzky

Woman with Curlers, 2012

Robert Ellis, Lorna’s Garden Robert Ellis

Lorna's Garden, 2012

Grant Harder, Two Birds Grant Harder

Two Birds, 2012

Julie Blackmon, Garage Sale Julie Blackmon

Garage Sale, 2013

Katrin Koenning, Silvi and the Children Katrin Koenning

Silvi and the Children, 2013

Emily Shur, Empty Building Emily Shur

Empty Building, 2013

Jim Mortram, Untitled Jim Mortram

Untitled, 2013

Josh Quigley, Susan and Joseph (sleeping) Josh Quigley

Susan and Joseph(sleeping), 2008

Ron Cowie, Kingdom Of Obviousness Ron Cowie

Kingdom Of Obviousness, 2008

John Chervinsky, Coffee Cups and Paintings on Door John Chervinsky

Coffee Cups and Paintings on Door, 2011

Bryan Schutmaat, Nephews Bryan Schutmaat

Nephews, 2013

Deborah Hamon, Black Sheep Deborah Hamon

Black Sheep, 2011

Sarah Pickering, Shot Sarah Pickering

Shot, 2009

Molly Landreth, Kennedy Molly Landreth

Kennedy, Whidbey Island, Washington, 2012

Martine Fougeron, Nicolas Napping Martine Fougeron

Nicolas Napping, 2006

Richard Ansett, Bather #5 Richard Ansett

Bather #5, 2011

Janelle Lynch, Presence 10 (TB) Janelle Lynch

Presence 10 (TB), 2013

Gustavo Lacerda, Albinos Gustavo Lacerda

Albinos, 2009-2012

Caitlin Teal Price, Bodybuilder Caitlin Teal Price

Bodybuilder, 2011

Maureen Drennan, Town Beach Maureen Drennan

Town Beach, 2010

Alex Boyd, The Stack of Coire Faoin Alex Boyd

The Stack of Coire Faoin, 2013

Jason Vaughn, Road Trip with Shola Jason Vaughn

Road Trip with Shola, 2009

Tammy Mercure, Nashville, Tennessee Tammy Mercure

Nashville, Tennessee, 2013

Sarah Malakoff, Untitled Interior (german shepherds) Sarah Malakoff

Untitled Interior (german shepherds), 2011

Paul Thulin, Exposed Fog Paul Thulin

Exposed Fog, 2012

Tamas Dezso, Ciprian, the Bear Dancer Tamas Dezso

Ciprian, the Bear Dancer, 2013

Rebecca Norris Webb, Badlands Reflection Rebecca Norris Webb

Badlands Reflection, 2013

Vasantha Yogananthan, Ghislaine Vasantha Yogananthan

Ghislaine, 2013

Laura Noel, Deliver Me Laura Noel

Deliver Me, 2005

Thomas Jackson, Plates #3 Thomas Jackson

Plates #3, 2013

Timothy Briner, Popeyes Timothy Briner

Popeyes, 2013

Nick Ballon, Esme Nick Ballon

Esme, 2013

Eduardo L. Rivera, Untitled Eduardo L. Rivera

Untitled, 2011

Yolanda del Amo, Amaya, Estela Yolanda del Amo

Amaya, Estela , 2012

Joni Sternbach, Mulford Lane Joni Sternbach

Mulford Lane, 2011

Patrick Romero, Untitled Patrick Romero

Untitled, 2013

Paul Rousteau, Swiss, Sweat & Sun Paul Rousteau

Swiss, Sweat & Sun, 2008

Richard Bram, Sushi, Broadway & Cortlandt Street Richard Bram

Sushi, Broadway & Cortlandt Street, 2012

Kyle Ford, Before the Slaughter Kyle Ford

Before the Slaughter, 2012

Martin Buday, Untitled (Hedges) Martin Buday

Untitled (Hedges), 2010/2013

Matthew Gamber, Blue Birds Exhibit Matthew Gamber

Blue Birds Exhibit, 2010

Jesse Burke, John, Maine Jesse Burke

John, Maine, 2010

Rachel Barrett, Sarah Rachel Barrett

Sarah, 2013

Rob Ball, Arrest, Barstow Rob Ball

Arrest, Barstow, 2006

Irina Rozovsky, Sofa Irina Rozovsky

Sofa, 2008

Bryan Schutmaat, Tonopah, Nevada Bryan Schutmaat

Tonopah, Nevada, 2012

Rose Marie Cromwell, Learning to Swim Rose Marie Cromwell

Learning to Swim, 2013

Vasantha Yogananthan, Laetitia Vasantha Yogananthan

Laetitia, 2011

J. Bennett Fitts, Untitled J Bennett Fitts

Untitled, 2013

Monika Merva, My Father Monika Merva

My Father, 2012

Rob Stephenson, 6:14:00 Rob Stephenson

6:14:00, 2013

Edgar Cardenas, March, 2010 Edgar Cardenas

March, 2010, 2010


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