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reGeneration² — Tomorrow’s Photographers Today

A collaboration with Aperture Foundation

What are young photographers up to in the twenty-first century? How do they see the world? How much do they respect, build on, or reject tradition? As the digital revolution continues its relentless advance, demolishing longstanding practices in every domain of our field, curiosity builds as to how the new generation of photographers will operate. The reGeneration project – the broadest and most enterprising survey of its kind – set out in 2005 to discover answers to these intriguing questions, while revealing emerging photography in wide-ranging fashion. Following on from the success of this exhibition shown in ten different cities across North America, Europe and Asia, this second edition turns the spotlight on 80 up-and-coming talents from 30 countries.

The curators selected the most promising candidates from some 700 entries submitted by 120 of the world’s top photography schools. They tried to keep an open mind throughout the selection process, whether the photographers had chosen a documentary or an artistic approach, whether they worked with film or computer, and whether they supported their work with a detailed concept or preferred shooting spontaneously.

reGeneration2 showcases the inspiring creativity and ingenuity of photographers at the outset of their careers, as they navigate in the fast-moving currents of the second decade of the 21st century. It shows these young practitioners focusing on major themes as diverse as the urban environment, globalization, issues of identity and memory, their use of hybrid techniques allowing them to obscure as never before the distinction between reality and fiction.

Nathalie Herschdorfer, curator and art historian, specializes in the history of photography. Director of the Swiss photography festival Alt. +1000 and curator at the Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography (FEP, Minneapolis, Paris, Lausanne), Ms. Herschdorfer was previously a curator at the Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland, where she worked for twelve years on major international exhibitions and their publications. She worked on major retrospectives dedicated to photographers Edward Steichen, Leonard Freed and Ray K. Metzker. She regularly works with contemporary photographers at various stages of their careers. Among her recent projects are mid-career retrospectives of the French photographer Valérie Belin and the Italian photographer Carlo Valsecchi. Ms Herschdorfer co-curated the two editions of the international project, reGeneration: Tomorrow’s Photographers Today (2005 and 2010). She is the author of the book Afterwards: Contemporary Photography Confronting the Past, published by Thames & Hudson (London/Paris/New York) in Fall 2011. She currently works on a dictionary of photography (Thames & Hudson) and an exhibition entitled Coming into Fashion, dedicated to 10 decades of fashion photography at Condé Nast.

William Ewing is a well-known curator. He was one of the curators of the NYPH 09. His exhibitions have been shown at major institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art and the International Center of Photography, New York; the Centre Pompidou, Paris; the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid; and the Hayward and the Serpentine Galleries, London. His numerous books include The Body, The Face: The New Photographic Portrait, Edward Steichen: In High Fashion, the Condé Nast Years and Ray K. Metzker: Light Lines. William Ewing was Director of Exhibitions at the International Center of Photography, New York, between 1977 and 1984, and Director of the Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, from 1996 to spring 2010. For many years, he taught the history and analysis of photography at the University of Geneva. Today, he is the Chairman of the Board of Ivorypress, London / Madrid, and an international editor at Thames & Hudson, London / Paris.

Posted on Tuesday, November 15, 2011.


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