The start of something new — FlakPhoto Digest.

The start of something new — FlakPhoto Digest.

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The Collection

The Flak Photo Collection is a digital archive of contemporary photography that is updated five times weekly. Submission Info »

Brian Pescador, Untitled Brian Pescador

Untitled, 2009

Bryan Formhals, Genesee Ave. Bryan Formhals

Genesee Ave., 2007

Eamon Mac Mahon, Tires Eamon Mac Mahon

Tires, 2008

Christine Carr, Christine Carr, 2004

Dave Jordano, Hakeem’s Room Dave Jordano

Hakeem's Room, 2012

Ewen Spencer, April Pearson, “Skins” Ewen Spencer

April Pearson, "Skins", 2006

Brad Temkin, Hanging Deer Brad Temkin

Hanging Deer, 2005

Palmer Davis, Italian Shoes Palmer Davis

Italian Shoes, 2010

Jonathan Smith, Sea Lion Caves Jonathan Smith

Sea Lion Caves, 2011

John Lusk Hathaway, Little Stony Creek John Lusk Hathaway

Little Stony Creek, 2012

Carl Gunhouse, Wall, Kissimmee, FL 1208 Carl Gunhouse

Wall, Kissimmee, FL 1208, 2008

Matthew Schenning, Homeless Campsite Matthew Schenning

Homeless Campsite, 2010

Camille Seaman, On The Run Camille Seaman

On The Run, 2008

Scott Alario, Animal Altruism Scott Alario

Animal Altruism, 2010

Sara Macel, Plane Over Baton Rouge Sara Macel

Plane Over Baton Rouge, 2011

Rachel Papo, Roan With Kilda And April Rachel Papo

Roan With Kilda And April, 2011

Joni Sternbach, 07.08.23 #1 Ditch Jetty Joni Sternbach

07.08.23 #1 Ditch Jetty, 2007

Thomas Gardiner, Untitled Thomas Gardiner

Untitled, 2011

Justyna Badach, Phil Justyna Badach

Phil, 2008

Taylor Glenn, Court 1 Taylor Glenn

Court 1, 2009

Isabelle Pateer, Empty Box Isabelle Pateer

Empty Box, 2010

Mustafah Abdulaziz, USA v. Japan, Times Square Mustafah Abdulaziz

USA v. Japan, Times Square, 2011

Lauren Henkin, Displaced 1 Lauren Henkin

Displaced 1, 2007

Dana Mueller, Camp Pine Grove #II Dana Mueller

Camp Pine Grove #II, 2009

Betsy Schneider, Jasper Betsy Schneider

Jasper, 2012

Matthew Swarts, Mary and Michael Matthew Swarts

Mary and Michael, 2007

Jennifer Ray, Dumped Dog Jennifer Ray

Dumped Dog, 2010

Douglas Ljungkvist, Untitled Douglas Ljungkvist

Untitled, 2011

Andrew Meredith, Oslo, Norway Andrew Meredith

Oslo, Norway, 2010

Bucky Miller, Road Bucky Miller

Road, 2011

Elliott Wilcox, Volume 014 Elliott Wilcox

Volume 014, 2011

Samantha Contis, Yerdanos Samantha Contis

Yerdanos, 2012

Christopher Colville, Impact Christopher Colville

Impact, 2010

Chad Ress, Ballard v. Trinity Lacrosse Chad Ress

Ballard v. Trinity Lacrosse, 2012

Nicole Jean Hill, Highway 14 Nicole Jean Hill

Highway 14, 2011

Joshua Dudley Greer, Imperial Sand Dunes Joshua Dudley Greer

Imperial Sand Dunes, 2011

Magnus Bjerk, Whitey On The Moon’ Nr. 23 Magnus Bjerk

Whitey On The Moon' Nr. 23, 2007

Anne Lass, Milwaukee Avenue #02 Anne Lass

Milwaukee Avenue #02, 2005

Christopher H. Paquette, Untitled Christopher Paquette

Untititled, 2010

Jack Latham, Susan Jack Latham

Susan, 2012

Kate Greene, Zantedeschia aethiopica (Calla Lily) Kate Greene

Zantedeschia aethiopica (Calla Lily) , 2011

Lucas Foglia, Alex with Gourd Lucas Foglia

Alex with Gourd, 2009

Jason Reblando, Looking Over Fence Jason Reblando

Looking Over Fence, 2008

Jesse Chehak, Rio Grande Valley Jesse Chehak

Rio Grande Valley, 2012

Kyle Ford, Billboard with Trees Kyle Ford

Billboard with Trees, 2008

Alan W. George,  0P65_1481 (desert cloud) Alan W. George

0P65_1481 (desert cloud), 2010

Tema Stauffer, Car Skeletons Tema Stauffer

Car Skeletons, 2008

Sarah Zamecnik, Untitled Sarah Zamecnik

Untitled, 2010

Rachel Hulin, Picnic Rachel Hulin

Picnic, 2012

Benedikt Partenheimer, Eve Sussman, Brooklyn Benedikt Partenheimer

Eve Sussman, Brooklyn, 2006

Kathleen Robbins, Ashwood Kathleen Robbins

Ashwood, 2012

Julia Gillard, Man with Shrubbery Julia Gillard

Man with Shrubbery, 2011

Tina Hillier, Melinda Tina Hillier

Melinda, 2011

Aaron Schuman, Redwoods (4) Aaron Schuman

Redwoods (4), 2011-12

Jess T. Dugan, Dallas Jess T. Dugan

Dallas, 2012

Christoph Sillem, Rue de Genêts Christoph Sillem

Rue de Genêts, 2009

Deborah Parkin, Siblings Deborah Parkin

Siblings, 2012

Thomas Jackson, Glow sticks #1 Thomas Jackson

Glow sticks #1, 2012

Sophie T. Lvoff, Carrollton Avenue Sophie T. Lvoff

Carrollton Avenue , 2011

Scott Conarroe, BMW Scott Conarroe

BMW, 2010

Albrecht Tübke, Untitled Albrecht Tübke

Untitled, 2008

Andy Freeberg, Spinello, New York Pulse 2010, Artist: Zachari Logan Andy Freeberg

Spinello, New York Pulse 2010, Artist: Zachari Logan, 2010

Darek Fortas, Portrait V (Woman from Grocery Shop) Darek Fortas

Portrait V (Woman from Grocery Shop), 2011

Lauren Marsolier, Highway 2 Lauren Marsolier

Highway 2, 2010

Andrew Phelps, Untitled Andrew Phelps

Untititled, 2011

Peter Baker, Alfred Brush Park Peter Baker

Alfred Brush Park, 2012

Guy Sargent, Kynance Cove (Swimmers) Guy Sargent

Kynance Cove (Swimmers), 2011

Kris Graves, Abandoned HP Plant Kris Graves

Abandoned HP Plant, 2005

Jonathan Saunders, M.F. - N.E.X.T. Jonathan Saunders

M.F. - N.E.X.T., 2012

Janelle Lynch, Untitled 2 Janelle Lynch

Untitled 2, 2001-2006

Sophia Wallace, Untitled (Girls Like Us) Sophia Wallace

Untitled (Girls Like Us), 2012

Martin Brink, Untitled Martin Brink

Untitled, 2011

Daniel Shea, Warren Daniel Shea

Warren, 2011

Billy Hunt, Screaming Kim Billy Hunt

Screaming Kim, 2012

Keith Taylor, Dark Matter 01 Keith Taylor

Dark Matter 01, 2011

Greer Muldowney, Cheung Sha Wan #3 Greer Muldowney

Cheung Sha Wan #3, 2010

Manolo Espaliú, 42º C (IV) Manolo Espaliú

42º C (IV), 2011

Dina Litovsky Red Paint Dina Litovsky

Red Paint, 2010

Brad Temkin, 215 Spadina (looking South) Brad Temkin

215 Spadina (looking South), 2012

Alex Crétey Systermans, Untitled Alex Crétey-Systermans

Untitled, 2010


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