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Lois Bielefeld, Lydia and Lois Lois Bielefeld

Lydia and Lois, 2009

Jason Evans, MF13 Jason Evans

MF13 , 2005-2012

Emiliano Granado, Untitled Emiliano Granado

Untitled, 2008

Jason Vaughn, Deer Bait Jason Vaughn

Deer Bait, 2013

Alex Crétey-Systermans, Sidonie Alex Crétey-Systermans

Sidonie, 2011

Tim Carpenter, Untitled Tim Carpenter

Untitled, 2012

Sara Macel, Sayville Motor Lodge Sara Macel

Sayville Motor Lodge, 2011

Ingvar Kenne, Yvonne Margula Ingvar Kenne

Yvonne Margula, 2012

Martin Usborne, Peggy (2) Martin Usborne

Peggy (2), 2011

Amy Lombard, Aspen in swimwear Amy Lombard

Aspen in swimwear, 2013

Kevin J. Miyazaki, Bakery interior Kevin J. Miyazaki

Bakery interior, 2012

Ashley Kauschinger, Hour Hand Ashley Kauschinger

Hour Hand, 2011

Peter Scott Opirhory, Untitled Peter Scott Opirhory

Untitled, 2012

Benedikt Partenheimer, Felix Riebl Benedikt Partenheimer

Felix Riebl, 2008

Tabitha Soren, Running 000865 Tabitha Soren

Running 000865, 2012

Robin Schwartz, Paris Greyhound Hair Robin Schwartz

Paris Greyhound Hair, 2010

David Kasnic, Untitled David Kasnic

Untitled, 2013

Teri Fullerton, Fullerton, brother, Army Teri Fullerton

Fullerton, brother, Army, 2008

Richard Barnes, After Gardner, Re-staging of the “Staged Sharpshooters Home” Richard Barnes

After Gardner, Re-staging of the "Staged Sharpshooters Home", 2012

Jen Davis, New Orleans Jen Davis

New Orleans, 2008

Yijun Liao, Checkers Yijun Liao

Checkers, 2008

Trevor Powers, Centa Trevor Powers

Centa, 2009

Katherine Wolkoff, Deer bed Katherine Wolkoff

Deer bed, 2007

Maja Daniels, Mady & Monette, pink shoes Maja Daniels

Mady & Monette, pink shoes, 2012

Dana Mueller, Jacqueline Dana Mueller

Jacqueline, 2010

Sean Ellingson, Untitled Sean Ellingson

Untitled, 2013

Shawn Gust, Untitled Shawn Gust

Untitled, 2009

Philip Heying, An assemblage around a tree Philip Heying

An assemblage around a tree, 2012

Frances F. Denny, Sisters, home for Thanksgiving Frances F. Denny

Sisters, home for Thanksgiving, 2012

Bradley Peters, Untitled (dog with drainpipe) Bradley Peters

Untitled (dog with drainpipe), 2012

Keliy Anderson-Staley, Demeka and Damita (Mother and Daughter) Keliy Anderson-Staley

Demeka and Damita, 2012

Caitlin Teal Price, Marge, Under Overpass Caitlin Teal Price

Marge, Under Overpass, 2009

Alex Boyd, Last Light, Dun Briste Alex Boyd

Last Light, Dun Briste, 2012

Julie Blackmon, Olive and Market St. Julie Blackmon

Olive and Market St., 2012

Joshua Dudley Greer, Craters of the Moon, Idaho Joshua Dudley Greer

Craters of the Moon, Idaho, 2011

Marc Wilson, The Last Stand. Newburgh I Marc Wilson

The Last Stand. Newburgh I, 2012

Katrin Koenning, AJ near the Flats, Prahran Katrin Koenning

AJ near the Flats, Prahran, 2012

Bertrand Carrière, Coin du Banc, Gaspésie Bertrand Carrière

Coin du Banc, Gaspésie, 2010

Jordan Baumgarten, Starlings Jordan Baumgarten

Starlings, 2010

Kris Graves, Under Reynisfjall Kris Graves

Under Reynisfjall, 2013

Tim Bowditch, Untitled Tim Bowditch

Untitled, 2011

Lisa Elmaleh, Hogslop String Band Lisa Elmaleh

Hogslop String Band, 2010

Laura McPhee, Huntington Canyon Coal-Fired Electric Generating Station, Huntington, Utah Laura McPhee

Huntington Canyon Coal-Fired Electric Generating Station, Huntington, Utah, 2011

Daniel Farnum, Fur Hoodie Daniel Farnum

Fur Hoodie, 2013

Lauren Marsolier, Playground 2 Lauren Marsolier

Playground 2, 2010

Adam Neese, The Place We Would Meet at Midnight Adam Neese

The Place We Would Meet at Midnight, 2011

Alex Cretey Systermans, Leisure Center Alex Crétey-Systermans

Leisure Center, 2012

Rebecca Norris Webb, Wild Burros Rebecca Norris Webb

Wild Burros, 2013

Winni Wintermeyer, Bieber Kids Winni Wintermeyer

Bieber Kids, 2010

Brad Temkin, Coal - Caofeidian Industrial Area Brad Temkin

Coal - Caofeidian Industrial Area, 2010

Natalie Krick, Mom in gold Natalie Krick

Mom in gold, 2012

Emiliano Granado, Untitled Emiliano Granado

Untitled, 2007

Harry Watts, STUDIO Harry Watts

STUDIO, 2009

Jon Horvath, Untitled Jon Horvath

Untitled, 2010

Gregg Evans, Uncertain Gesture Gregg Evans

Uncertain Gesture, 2012

Ron Cowie, Sweet Thud Of Night Ron Cowie

Sweet Thud Of Night, 2008

Clarissa Bonet, Street Clarissa Bonet

Street, 2012

Jess T. Dugan, Hunter lying on the bed Jess T. Dugan

Hunter lying on the bed, 2011

Nick Ballon, Untitled Nick Ballon

Untitled, 2012

Maarten Boswijk, Untitled Maarten Boswijk

Untitled, 2012

Shane Lynam, Île Saint-Germain Shane Lynam

Île Saint-Germain, 2012

Alex Fradkin, Pearl and Pine St. Alex Fradkin

Pearl and Pine St., 2012

Maureen Drennan, Molly Maureen Drennan

Molly, 2012

Bryan Martello, Untitled (Latravik) Bryan Martello

Untitled (Latravik), 2012

Janelle Lynch, La Fosa Común #9 Janelle Lynch

La Fosa Común #9, 2007

Aaron Blum, Untitled Aaron Blum

Untitled, 2013

Ryan Schude, Red House Ryan Schude

Red House, 2012

Martin Brink, Untitled Martin Brink

Untitled, 2011

Neil A. White, Untitled Neil A. White

Untitled, 2012

Michael Lundgren, Untitled Michael Lundgren

Untitled, 2012

Christopher Dawson, Casey Anthony Christopher Dawson

Casey Anthony, 2011

Zed Nelson, Eilat, Israel Zed Nelson

Eilat, Israel, 2011

Keliy Anderson-Staley, Ocean View from Winslow Homer’s Studio Keliy Anderson-Staley

Ocean View from Winslow Homer's Studio, 2012

Bryan Schutmaat, Meyers Ave Bryan Schutmaat

Meyers Ave, 2012

Paul Alexander Knox, Untitled Paul Alexander Knox

Untitled, 2011

Andreas Jakwerth, Richmond Kpakpo Andreas Jakwerth

Richmond Kpakpo, 2012

Camille Seaman, The Lovely Monster Over the Farm 19:15CST Camille Seaman

The Lovely Monster Over the Farm 19:15CST, 2012

Douglas Ljungkvist, Untitled Douglas Ljungkvist

Untitled, 2013

Manolo Espaliú, El Jebha Manolo Espaliú

El Jebha, 2012

Louis Vorster, Untitled Louis Vorster

Untitled, 2006


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